When asked by our friend 'Kurt', who was moving flat at the time, to capture some pictures of his flat in vienna, I had no idea what to expect. Outré artistic synthesis! When going through all the wonderful bits and pieces around the flat, we accidentally stumbled across those extravagant and flamboyantly made costumes which he mostly tailored himself and which he was showing off at wild, unleashed parties in Viennese society during the 1970s' long before the existence of Life Ball. Maybe some pieces didn't fit so well like they once did but the way he was performing them in front of the camera was really mind-blowing and terrific. The only thing we could not figure out was the reason why he insisted to wear this scruffy wig, although there were plenty better ones to choose from. It must have been some sentimental memory stuck to this bunch of frizzy matted felt. Who knows? 


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